The Firmware that eliminates Software
With a tiny footprint, BEAM RT portable runtime system provides the needed architecture for far-edge to cloud computing. The runtime supports a dynamic ecosystem of event-defined distributed systems for a truly interoperable and autonomous edge that simply scales.
As a leading innovator of event-driven, codeless, distributed systems, ControlBEAM is honored to be selected to the Innovation Showcase Class of 2020 by the Telecom Council. We are leading the evolution from the concept of Software-Defined Everything to Event-Defined Everything.
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Simplicity in Design
The Power of Autonomous, Interoperable Systems
Supply Chain Management
Improve supply chain visibility and efficiencies with interoperable and intelligent systems that enable real-time information exchange between edge devices and trading partners.
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Smart Cities
Support mission-critical municipal systems and autonomous vehicles with real-time information exchange that improves public safety and convenience while optimizing city infrastructure.
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Replace containers and coded microservices with codeless microsystems that eliminate the constraints and inefficiencies of programming languages.
Add additional functionality with ease to support any data-centric use case, from device control panels to websites to mission-critical and autonomous systems.
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Implement an irreducible framework with a tiny footprint that can scale from cloud servers to edge gateways to billions of far-edge microcontrollers.
Rapidly build systems from a common information model that extends to industry-specific ontologies. This model-first approach provides the highest level of system interoperability.
Enable peer-to-peer information exchange AND system updates through a single unified event format. Autonomous device systems can be continuously refined without human intervention.
React to events, from a temperature change to an aircraft landing, by creating new events that are distributed to other systems, enabling a chain of reactions.
Slip Sliding Away to the Edge
"The IoT is a distributed computing challenge. Smart Systems and IoT deployments are by their very nature distributed systems. We hear lots of talk about the “cloud” as it relates to the IoT to the point that in many cases it seems like the “cloud” is being presented as the solution to all things IoT. The reality is that it is not possible, cost effective or desirable to transmit every piece of data from every IoT device to the cloud in order to gain value from that data. Smart Systems and IoT software development needs to recognize and embrace the highly distributed and innately non-hierarchical nature of the IoT and support that with a corresponding architecture."
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An Intelligent Edge
For the past 50 years, the pendulum has swung back and forth from centralized Mainframe, distributed Client-Server, centralized Cloud, and now to a distributed Edge. Organizations cannot afford to be constrained by the latency and costs from sending an increasing volume of data from edge devices up to the cloud.
Patented Architecture
ControlBEAM has been awarded six U.S. PATENTs on unique methods incorporated within its BEAM RT™ event-driven, portable runtime system for edge-to-cloud applications. This system comprises an event and query processor that generate commerce applications, and the platform itself, entirely from an event store, removing the need to code and compile applications. This architecture enables new and updated application Views and Processes to be distributed real-time to connected devices.

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▪ Device Connections
Define connections to role-based devices that participate in event-driven processes. Select from pre-defined roles for location and temperature sensors, and POS and shipping devices that are configured for plug-and-play interoperability. Once connected, a secure communication channel is established for real-time, interoperable event exchange, including events that create and update processes and label and receipt formats.