A Personal Portal for a Digital Life
Remote control and an intelligent edge can make traveling, working, and shopping smarter, safer, and more convenient. ControlBEAM Personal Portal supports a continuum of dynamic, high productivity digital life experiences.
A Day in Your Life Experience
Easily connect to devices, persons, and businesses that are assigned roles in event-driven processes. From a controller connecting with a sensor to a vendor connecting with a customer.
Automatically assign role-based tasks that provide the context and instructions needed to maximize user productivity when reacting to real-time events.
Exchange information with customers, employees and partners in their preferred language, optimizing user experience and productivity.
Touch Control
A reactive interface that's optimized for every touch screen size, from tablet to smartphone to smart watch.
Voice Control
A hands-free and eyes-free information exchange through easy-to-understand voice prompts and commands that direct users to complete tasks.
Motion Control
Used in combination with augmented reality applications that supplement the physical experience with immersive and contextual virtual experiences.