Simply Optimize
Asset Performance
Enhancing Asset Value through Digital Twins
Use digital twins to proactively repair equipment, plan manufacturing processes, predict equipment failure, and increase operational efficiency. Any asset coupled to IoT sensors can be modeled as a system to derive a digital twin for optimizing performance.
Data Entry Form Design
Design data entry forms as Views that produce events from user input to trigger event-defined processes. Add text labels, input boxes, and other views as View Elements that are previewed on-screen. Couple input boxes to a common commerce ontology for interoperability. Define input constraints for text and numbers, and selection views for dates, times, and related objects. New and updated designs are distributed real-time to connected devices.
▪ Website Design
Design commerce websites as Views that can incorporate views within views, including data entry forms like Checkout. Design for a desktop format that automatically adjusts to accommodate smaller displays. Couple product and service views to a common commerce ontology for an interoperable marketplace.
▪ Process Design
Design event-driven rules and processes that produce events from triggering events. Design processes that update object state, such as inventory quantities, from changes in object state, such as movement completion. Processes can query in-memory datasets for fast value calculations. New and updated process designs are distributed real-time to connected devices.